adidas SLVR - Sugarhigh Promotion

adidas SLVR - Editorial Promotion on Sugarhigh.de

Sponsored editorial post for adidas SLVR collection appearing on August 1, 2012 edition of cultural daily Berlin publication Sugarhigh.de.

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It seems like we all lucked out. Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" depicted the future as a crowded, grim place marked by oppressive technology, class divisions, and robots with sex appeal. So let's all breathe in, breathe out, and be thankful that we aren't living in subterranean housing blocks, nor must we report to work like mindless drones—if we even leave our homes for work at all.

Visually inspired by Lang's 1927 silent film, adidas SLVR celebrates the present with a bold collection for autumn/winter 2012-13, melding tight tailoring with sleek, directional pieces. From long leather coats to asymmetrical tops, the refined SLVR line is presenting sugarhigh readers with an exclusive chance to grab some some of this season's future-forward apparel. Simply enter a competition for a grand prize of €500 of SLVR goods, or one of two €100 runner-up vouchers redeemable at the SLVR store in Mulackstraße.

The future never looked so promising.

[Image: The adidas SLVR autumn/winter 2012-13 collection]